The DM Collection - US Wholesale

Easy, fast ordering

Easy, fast ordering

Cards come multiplies of six, $2.50 each.

Carriage paid is $150.

Product is shipped form the UK

Carriage under the carriage paid order is $25.00

If you use you can also order there. They offer Net 60 days terms and  contribute towards the shipping. This maybe a more convenient way to order for you.

Check out the FAQ for more info.

If you have any questions you can  email Daniel. or phone me up on +44(0)7808 923371

Once an order is placed you can expect delivery in about 5-7 days. An invoice will be automatically sent once an order i is placed with 30 days payment terms.


Art in a card! I have reordered these. Every card is beautiful, printed on quality paper and enclosed in its own clear envelope.

Tara, Rockaway Beach, OR

Beautiful cards - Our customers have responded very well to this line and we have re-ordered to keep them in stock.

Cherie, York, PA

People love them! They grab people's attention as an add on at the register

Erika, San Clemente, CA